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Extreme Kawaii

Extreme Kawaii's Official Shop Kuji, Volume One, Pre-Sale

Extreme Kawaii's Official Shop Kuji, Volume One, Pre-Sale

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VOLUME ONE, Total Tickets: 60

These tickets are currently available for 'pre-sale' and will be pulled during the scheduled live stream on Popshop or Instagram. 

Pre-Sale items must be purchased separately from other store items. 


A: The Big Prize!

  • Bunny Macaron Folder, Bunny Shopping Tote, Jamjelly Bunny Memo Pad, Dessert Puzzle Erasers and Carrot Gel Pen

B & C:

  • B1 (2 avail.): Our Favorite Makeup Bundle!
    • Laura Sanchez Moods Eyeshadow Palette and Half Caked Lip Fondant
  • B2 (only 1!): Steampunk Unisex Watch, leather cuff.
  • C1 (only 1!): Moonlit Fawn Mousepad with wrist rest
  • C2 (only 1!): Cutie Mermaid Tech Accessories Case

D, E, F:

  • D1 (4 avail.): Clip-on Ring Lights, battery-operated
  • D2 (2 avail.): Amuse Bean Cat Mini Plush Mascots
  • D3 (only 1!): Mamegoma Plush Keychain
  • E1 (3 avail.) Dino Coaster Set
  • E2 (only 1!) Panda Cutlery kit
  • E3 (only 1!) Onigiri Kitchen Sponge
  • F1: (2 avail.) Unicorn Headbands, 2 colors
  • F2: (4 avail.) Gudetama Socks, 4 styles
  • F3: (4 avail.) Extreme Kawaii Jewelry, 4 styles

G, H, I:

  • G1: (6 avail.) Clasp Coin Purse, 2 colors
  • G2: (3 avail.) Milk Pencil Pouch, 3 colors
  • G3: (3 avail.) Nyx Lip Gloss, 3 colors
  • H1: (2 avail.) Orb Cat Squishies, 2 styles
  • H2: (2 avail.) Forbidden Hamburger Keychain, 2 styles
  • H3: (4 avail.) Cross Stitch Kit, 2 colors
  • I1: (4 avail.) Cat Notebooks, 4 styles
  • I2: (2 avail.) Kawaii Puffy Stickers, 2 styles
  • I3: (2 avail.) Kokeshi Girl Stick Notes, 2 styles
  • I4: (4 avail.) Forbidden Sushi Keychain


  • Purchase the last ticket and you will receive a special stationery themed Lucky Bag, in addition to the prize on your ticket.

All prizes in Volume 1 have a retail value of $5 up to $30. Many of these items are the last in stock, purchased specifically for the Kuji or one of a kind. For our first Shop Kuji, we've included a little bit of everything at a fantastic price! 

What is a ‘Kuji’?

A 'Kuji' is similar to a raffle, except that every ticket guarantees a prize. Japanese Kuji is very brand centric, and prizes are made specifically for the collection. They’re a fun way to get collectible items from your favorite fandoms!

What is a ‘shop-made’ Kuji?

Shop Kuji is just that, it’s made by the shop for the customers featuring inventory from the store. Every shop is different, our Kuji is designed to be like the Japanese games and is complete with our own scratch-off tickets!

Popshop Customers Only: Can I do keep/sell? Can I trade?

All Kuji have pre-printed tickets, to keep the inventory count accurate we will not allow 'keep/sell'. Trading may be available after all tickets are sold and revealed. Both parties need to be present and clearly agree to the trade.


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