Gift Options

Can I send gifts?

Yes, just enter the recipient's name and address in the 'Shipping' field at checkout!

Can I include a gift note?

Absolutely! We offer gift notes for various celebrations. Select the design and we'll handwrite the names in colorful ink. 

Do you offer something a bit more personal?

We also offer customized gift notes, which can include a personal message. Please try to keep the text under 255 characters.

Do you offer gift wrapping services?

At this time, we do not. However, most of our items are packaged to be cute and safe in their boxes or mailers. 

Will the recipient see what I paid on the receipt?

By default, the packing slips do not include prices or payment details.

Can I send gifts anonymously?

  • If you're part of an online gift exchange, let us know in the 'order instructions' box and we will exclude your info from the packing slip. We recommend including a gift note, so your recipient isn't confused. 
  • Online pals? If you prefer, we can exclude your information, but we highly recommend (and insist) you provide your username/gamertag. After all, they entrusted you with their home address.

This should go without saying, but please make sure you have the recipient's permission to send them gifts!

 Not sure what to buy? We also have digital gift cards!




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