Shop Promotions FAQ

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

  • We occasionally send coupon codes by mail or email that can be applied to your order at checkout. Please do not share these on coupon sites.

What are promotional discounts?

  • Throughout the year, we have special promotions to celebrate holidays or events. These will be in the form of automatically applied order discounts and will have an expiration date. 

What are flash sales?

  • Flash sales are discounts or deals on specific products for a very limited time. 

What are 'gifts with purchase'?

  • A 'gift with purchase' is a 'free' item available to all customers who meet a minimum order threshold. These may apply only to specific collections, so please read the 'Shop Specials' for complete details.
We have two types, 'choose your own' and 'mystery gift':
  1. 'Choose your own': A selection of products will be available for you to choose from to receive free with your order. You will have to add the item to your cart and meet the minimum purchase amount to redeem. 
  2. 'Mystery Gift': These gifts will be chosen for you, but you know they will be kawaii! There will be a minimum purchase requirement, but you will not need to enter a code, and the gift will be included in your package.



Help! Why isn't my promo working at checkout?!

Common causes:

  • Expired or invalid
  • Already redeemed
  • Requires order minimum
  • Applies to specific products
  • Applies to specific customers

Example Scenarios: 

  1. You haven't met the order minimum before taxes and shipping:
    • $25 requirement, but the total is $18 (goods)+$1.35 (tax)+$5.65 (S+H). Promo will not apply.
  2. The promo only applies to specific product collections, like brand or type:
    • $25 of stationery requirement, but the cart contains $20 in stationery and $5 in hair accessories. Promo will not apply.
  3. You haven't met the order minimum for a 'gift with purchase', as the gift item doesn't count towards the subtotal:
    • $25 subtotal, but $5 of this is from the gift item. Promo will not apply.
  4. You've obtained a promo code that wasn't assigned to you:
    • 10% off for newsletter subscribers, but you aren't subscribed. Promo will not apply.
    • $5 off for returning customers, but you're a new customer. Promo will not apply.

If you have trouble redeeming a promo and the issue isn't listed here, please contact us so we can look into it. 


Promotional codes are limited to one use per customer. They cannot be combined with other discounts and may end without notice.

Gifts with purchase are limited to one per customer, while supplies last.

Full details of current promotions can be found here: Shop Specials