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Domo-Kun Seven Lucky Gods, Netsuke, Phone Charms, Vintage 2008

Domo-Kun Seven Lucky Gods, Netsuke, Phone Charms, Vintage 2008

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Domo-kun has been a beloved mascot character from Japan's public network, NHK for over 19 years. (He appeared in 1998, but was not made an official mascot until 2004) 

This series of vintage netsuke are Domo depicted as the 'Seven Gods of Fortune' from Japanese mythology, 'Shichifukujin'. 

Product details:

  • Each figure measures about 1 inch tall
  • On tassel to be attached to phone or keyrings
  • Materials: PVC
  • NHK Japan/Toshinpack circa 2008 (deadstock)


Seven Lucky Gods:

    • Daikokuten is the god of commerce and prosperity, and is sometimes considered the patron of cooks, farmers and bankers, and a protector of crops. (syncretic Buddhist/Shinto origin)
    • Fukurokuju is the god of wisdom, luck, longevity, wealth and happiness. (Taoist origin)
    • Hotei is the god of fortune, guardian of children, patron of diviners, barmen, and also the god of popularity. (Zen Buddhist origin)
    • Juroujin is the god of the elderly and of longevity. (Taoist origin)

The other gods were excluded, as we do not have them in our deadstock inventory. 



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