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Bandai, Anizo 100% Reality Mind, Netzuke, Phone Charms, Vintage 2008

Bandai, Anizo 100% Reality Mind, Netzuke, Phone Charms, Vintage 2008

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Which ANIZO are you? ANIZO successfully expresses the inner world of human beings' feelings that everyone has. The words on their chests contradict their cute appearance, usually. These are a mixture of series and are the absolute last in our stock, we're quite surprised to have found them at all! As they are deadstock, they do not include the original paper insert or capsule.

    • Each figure measures about 1 1/4 inches tall
    • On tassel to attach to phone or keyring
    • Bandai circa 2008

We have done our best to translate the Japanese to make it more understandable.

From the 7th Series, 2007:
  • 'Fickle' or an unconstant person- someone who changes opinions, interests, even plans!
From the 8th Series, 2008:
  • 'Coward' or a timid person.
  • 'Metabolic' or overweight.
From the 11th Series, 2008*: 
  • 'Referee' or judge.
  • 'Representative' of China. (Regional Variant)
*This collection was designed with the Olympics in mind, so these don't seem to have any deeper meanings.



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