Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great 2023 and that you have an even better 2024!

We will be having end-of-the-year specials and a limited amount of 'lucky bags'...

What is a lucky bag? 

Lucky bags contain items at a price point much lower than they could be purchased individually. Originally started by Japanese retailers for New Years, as a way to start the new year 'clean', the popularity has certainly made its way to the States. 

Our lucky bags have a theme, either brands or categories, so that you get something you want. Bags have a set price and are around 30-50% off the retail price. (If apparel is included in a bag, the size will be listed.) Every bag comes with a fun reusable gift bag, stickers, candy and a kawaii pin. 

As of now, we only have Sanrio lucky bags ready, but will be adding other collections over the long weekend. If Sanrio isn't your thing, check back on Tues! 

Thanks for supporting our small business and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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